Negodov, S.a b , Cheranev, S.b , Merzlikin, V. c d , Alimov, K.a , Milovanov, E.a b , Anatoly, F. c

Method of controlling an object in space by an isolated power system using counter-rotating paired flywheels (2020) 2nd IEEE International Conference on Architecture, Construction, Environment and Hydraulics 2020, ICACEH 2020, art. no. 9366227, pp. 93-95.

DOI: 10.1109/ICACEH51803.2020.9366227

a Center Joint-stock Company Gecsotor, Moscow, Russian Federation

b Central RandD Automobile and Engine Institute NAMI, Moscow, Russian Federation

c Moscow Polytechnic University, Moscow, Russian Federation

d Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, Moscow, Russian Federation


The study analyzes the use of technological methods of attitude control of an engineering object inside possible environments of the earth and outer cosmic space. The effects of independent power sources including mechanical, aerodynamic, reactive ones on the object are neglected. The proposed method for the orientation controlling and monitoring of an object in space uses the accumulated kinetic energy by counter rotating paired flywheels as well as a gyroscopic effect. The assessment of the limiting power dynamic characteristics of flywheels is carried out. © 2020 IEEE.

Author Keywords

attitude control; kinetic storage; paired flywheels; recuperation

Index Keywords

Attitude control, Cosmology, Earth (planet), Hydraulics, Kinetic energy, Kinetics, Wheels; Counter rotating, Engineering objects, Gyroscopic Effects, Isolated power system, Power dynamics, Power sources, Space use, Technological methods; Flywheels

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Editors: Meen T.-H.

Publisher: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc. Conference name: 2nd IEEE International Conference on Architecture, Construction, Environment and Hydraulics, ICACEH 2020

Conference date: 25 December 2020 through 27 December 2020

Conference code: 167671 ISBN: 9781728177229

Language of Original Document: English

Abbreviated Source Title: IEEE Int. Conf. Archit., Constr., Environ. Hydraul., ICACEH 2-s2.0-85102579168

Document Type: Conference Paper

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